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Courses & Workshops

Current classes at Vhs Friedrichshain you can find here:

Dance Yoga Pilates

Pilates Monday

Pilates Wednesday


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Beginners

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Dance-experience

Over the years, I my gained knowledge and skills I teach today with much joy of dance and movement in my courses. Here I teach different kinds of movement, expression, physical health and various dance styles and rhythms. Applies to all my classes: All participants benefited in body, mind and soul. The individual courses are very different in content and matched to the relevant target group.

1. Tribal Fusion
2. Gypsy-fusion Adults & Children
3. Yoga Adults & Children
4. Oriental Dance
5. Autogenic Training-Adults & Children
6. Ritual Dance
7. Fire play
8. Core Muscel Training
9. Sword & Dagger Dance

Advancement through the health insurance company.

The Visitors of the promoted courses, (Yoga + Autogenous training) finally get a confirmation about the regular attendance (80%) during the courses. This confirmation they submit to their health insurance and get 80% of the costs back up to 75 Euro one to twice times in the year. A previous application to the health insurance or a doctor visit is not necessary. As a member of a statutory health insurance company you has a right to that benefit. I have the following certification Cash DAK, TKK, BEK, KKH, and IKK-BEK including the Company Health Insurance. I would like to help to clarify the issue of promoting with your health insurance.

1. Tribal-Fusion

2. Gypsy-Fusion

3. Yoga

4. Oriental Dance (even for kids!)

5. Autogenic Training-Adults & Children

6. Ritual Dance

7. Fire play

8. Core Muscel Training (deep muscles)

9. Swords and Double-Dagger Dance

Every named instruction-module can also be booked as workshop.
An individual workshop program can be created.